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Unitas Tutoring offers appointment-based tutoring to allow flexibility to both our clients and tutors.

Please recall, Unitas Tutoring is a Tutoring Group. Our tutors are Alexander S. and Daniel N.

To learn more about our tutors and the services they offer, please visit the About Us page.

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Booking Policies

To make sure that the client and tutor have a pleasant and fruitful experience, you (the client) agree to the following policies when booking a session:

1.We reserve the right to modify or cancel a session up to 1 hour before. The client is responsible for replying Tutor’s questions and messages. 

Since we are currently students, unexpected occurrences will happen and are inevitable. However, tutors will try to notify clients as fast as possible if the tutor is unable to support the session. (If you have not received any new notifications about a time change 1 hour before the session, you have a confirmed session. Please allow up the tutor up to 10 minutes of travel time into your session should your venue be residential or local traffic.) Therefore, it is important to provide an email that you view frequently in the case of such instance.

Therefore, we ask that all clients provide correct information. We do not provide this information to any other party as we value our client’s privacy.

2. Venues selected by the client must be convenient and available for the tutor. 

Each tutor independently operates from each other and therefore, will have specific requirements. However, for all tutors, venues that require a rental fee for the tutor will not be accepted.

Your tutor will follow up with you before your session on your venue. Any sessions booked after school will be done in the client’s respective school. Please remember the dismissal times of the tutor may be different than the client. 

We accept the following venues:

  1. Residential (Please remember that this will include ample paper, suitable working space, and Internet Access in some cases. A parent must be located in the residence at the start of the session. If this is not possible, a signed authorization will suffice. )
  2. Library / Community Center (A library location must have an area suitable for regular communication and ample space for tutoring)
  3. School Campus (This is reserved only for sessions starting within 30 minutes after school ends. Please mind the fact that school campuses may close at specific times as well.)

3. The Client is prepared to learn and accept teaching with materials to be presented to the tutor. 

Since tutors may not have taken the exact same curriculum as their client, it is important for the client to present materials that allow the tutor to understand the needs of the client. We will not tolerate any derogatory or offensive behavior during our sessions and reserve the right to refuse service if necessary.

3. The client will pay the tutoring fee during their session. 

Depending on the subject, we ask for the fee payment for every hour of tutoring. The fee for Math and Science is $10 for every hour. Essay rates are listed on the English page which can be found in the Subject Overview tab.


4. No last-minute sessions will be offered unless arranged with the tutor in person. Clients with more than 3 No-shows will be denied service for that month. 

We ask that you book a session as early as possible so that our tutor is able to make the arrangements to reach your destination. If a client has not shown up 20 minutes after the session should have begun without contacting their tutor, their appointment will be marked as No-show. Clients that have more than 3 no-shows for the month will be denied access to booking for that month.


5. Frequent Clients will Receive Special Benefits

Unitas Tutoring offers a Frequent Client Program designed to reinforce learning after the tutoring session.

Frequent Clients are defined as clients who have tutored with either of us at least 4 times and have a session at least once every two weeks.

Our Client Portal provides worksheets and test prep designed for our client’s success and will be frequently updated based on our client’s suggestions.

Once again, thank you for choosing Unitas Tutoring for your Tutoring Needs. We look forward to contacting and seeing you soon!