AP World History

The primary intent of the AP World History course is to teach the history of the world from a truly global stance. The themes and key concepts are intended to provide foundational knowledge for future college-level course work in history. Command of these course themes and key concepts requires sufficient knowledge of detailed and specific relevant historical developments and processes – including names, chronology, facts and events – to exemplify the themes and key concepts. The three to four key concepts per period define what is most essential to know about each period based upon the most current historical research in world history. This approach enables students to spend less time on factual recall, more time on learning essential concepts, and helps them develop historical thinking skills necessary to explore the broad trends and global processes involved in their study of AP World History. The course is organized into five different time periods. Within each time period, students will study several themes, including social structure, humans’ interaction with the environment, political structures, and global patterns of interaction. Students will also be asked to analyze change and continuity over time.


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